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Recharging your energy- What truly brings you joy?

One of the most common things I see across us all when we get into a tired, over worked, overstressed state is that we allow ourselves to be drowned in our responsibilities and don't make time for activities that we truly get fulfillment from. If we do, we spend the whole time guilting ourselves about doing said activity when we 'should be doing' x y z, and therefore don't really reap the benefits.

We all have different hobbies and likes, so I'm not going to list the things that I find joy in and tell you to do those, because they could be the total opposite for you!

However, sometimes we can lose track of what actually brings joyous recharge to us because we're so used to being on autopilot that we default to our

'emotional crutches'.

For many people, these are more likely to be things like, binging tv, going out partying, or even what we think of as healthier habits such as going to the gym or running. All of the things I just listed genuinely might be cup filling for some people, and genuinely emotional crutches for others. So, it becomes important that we learn how to discern between the two so we can utilize this in the right way.

Below, is an NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) excercise to help you with this thought process. This exercise is used for turning a bad day into a good one. I'm sure we can agree, low mood and energy vs. high mood and energy slots in nicely with this concept and it's something I myself found an incredily useful tool for understanding what really drives the ability to change my mood. Grab your notebook or a peice of paper and a pen. On one page, sperate it with four lines, creating a quadrant. In the top left, write physical. In the top right, write mental. Bottom left, emotional and bottom right spiritual.

Now, think of a time in your life- and that could be right now or any moment from your past- of when you felt at your worst. It could be after an argument with a loved one, stuck in an unhappy job or relationship, an embrassing incident...just pick a time where you remember feeling super low. Close your eyes and visualize it for a few moments, hold this memory in your mind and then allow it to express itself in your body and emotions. Sit with this feeling and take a mental note of everything that comes up. Open your eyes and write down in each quadrant the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual feelings that came up for you.

Below, is my own 'negative' quadrant as an example.

On another page, prepare a second quadrant with the same titles as before.

Next, we will repeat this same process but for a good memory. A time or moment in your life, where you felt wonderful and happy, fulfilled and full of joy! Once you have chosen the moment or time you're going to go back to, close your eyes and once again relive it. Feel the emotions, feel your body and the ease of them both. Taking your mental notes as before, of all that comes up. When you're ready, open your eyes and write them down into the quadrants.

Below, is my 'positive' quadrant as an example.

Now pick a few things from this list and turn it into an action. You'll likely come up with examples in your head of times that you have already done this, but perhaps not realized you can utilize it as a way to positively impact your own emotional and energtic state.

For me, I chose the word 'creative' from my mental section and realized that when I do creative projects, I enjoy immersing myself in and get a sense of pride and accomplishment from what I've achieved. I also chose 'loving' from my emotional section and realized that when I do something loving towards another person, it fills me up with joy. Showing kidness, care and compassion and making someones day better or adding to their already happy state gives me a sense of connection to my fellow humans. Through this exercise, I now know when I'm having a bad day or a period of low energy, doing creative projects and showing love towards others puts me in a happier state.

I enjoy watching tv, reading, drinking with friends e.t.c, and I will continue to do so, but I am counscious and aware that when I really need to get myself out a rut, they aren't things that really help me rise, they are things I use to 'switch off'. As I mentioned in part 1, there is nothing wrong with switching off, but we stay there too long and we can get stuck.

To conclude- happiness, love, accomplishment...they are all high vibration emotions. High vibration emotions keep us in higher energy states. The things that bring in these kinds of emotions, whatever they may be for you, are the things that will give you a beauitful boost when you really need it.

Come back next Wednesday for the 4th and final part of my

'Recharging your energy'



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