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Recharging your energy- Gratitude for our sustenance

We've all been there. Maybe you've been working too much overtime recently, went a little hard on the drink over the weekend or are simply giving too much of your time to others and not enough to yourself. Now your battery is drained and you're struggling to catch up and get back to feeling energized and motivated.

I want to preface this with saying, there is nothing wrong with binging netflix, eating some snackies and avoiding social interaction like the plague. But don't unpack and live there. If we're honest with ourselves, we know that isn't a long term solution.

When we use these forms of escapism too frequently or for too long, it doesn't leave us feeling recharged at all, just more tired, and anxious about everything we've left on the back burner- the ever growing task list waiting you at the other end of those 3 seasons of 'Brooklyn 99' you just blitzed through.

When you're ready to crawl out of your cocoon little catapillar, here's an idea to help you get those butterfly wings going again!

By now, you've probably heard about the idea of practicing gratitude and maybe you're already practicing it on a regular basis! OR, this might be totally new to you, so stick with me here and keep an open mind. One thing I find super helpful when I'm looking to recharge from a battery drain, is giving thanks for everything I put into my body. From the water I drink, food I eat, right down to the mositurizer on my skin.

Before I consume, I think or say outloud

"Thank you for your gift, I love you"

then take a few seconds to feel that love in my heart and imagine envoloping the item in it.

Now...I get it. For some of you this is gonna sound a little bit whacky, but believe it or not, there are scientific studies that back this up!

One of the most famous being by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist who was a pioneer in the study of water.

Dr. Emoto studied the crystaline structure of water and how words, music

and also intention (thoughts, feelings) have a direct effect on the structure. Our human bodies are roughly 75% water, our fluid accounts for about 81% of our total water intake and our food accounts for the remaining 19%. So, by logic, you could come to the conclusion that the quality of the water that enters our body is quite important! Water holds and stores information, which has allowed us to learn and discern so much golden data throughout history.

"The polarity of the water molecule and its resulting hydrogen bonding make water a unique substance with special properties that are intimately tied to the processes of life. Life originally evolved in a watery environment, and most of an organism’s cellular chemistry and metabolism occur inside the watery contents of the cell’s cytoplasm."

The second key point that adjoins to this concept, is that our words, thoughts and feelings carry a frequency and vibration. This whole world and everything in it is made up of some form of energy, and they interact with each other on levels we often cannot physically see. Dr. Emoto, however, was able to demonstrate how the energy of sound and thought transform water. Below are some examples of the results under the microscope.

Another example of this, tried by thousands of people across the globe (and if you're in doubt, you can try it too!) is the rice experiment.

Place cooked rice, all from the same batch, in 3 seperate mason jars. Label one 'Love', one 'Hate', and one 'Ignore'. Every day express words and feelings of love to the love jar, hate to the hate jar and just completely ignore the third. Generally within 1-2 weeks, you'll start to see results, but it's recommended to keep it up for about 4 weeks.

The results that occur for almost everyone who tries this experiment are as follows:

The 'love' jar appears relatively normal for longest, then eventually starts to show signs of some disolouration and finally fermenting, without any sign of mould.

The 'hate' jar will begin turning mouldy quite quickly and get progressively worse.

The 'ignore' jar generally looks the worst of all, mouldy, black and rotten by the end.

However, there are some varying results with this and some people find the 'hate' jar has the worst results (as seen in the youtube video below).

This could be because he kept all 3 jars quite close by as he carried out his daily practice. Perhaps, in this case, the ignore jar was picking up on the vibration of the words he expressed to the other two. I would recommend keeping your jars seperated for the entirety of the experiment and bringing them out one at a time, putting each jar back before getting the next to get the most accurate results!

In conclusion, when our energy (vibration and frequency) has become drained, a wonderful way to help raise it up again is to raise the energy of all that you consume. Through practice, I find myself naturally doing this every day now with each meal and drink I have. I bless the water in my bottle each morning and that will carry and hold the positively charged structure thoughout the day.

To start with, you may find yourself forgetting to do this for everything you eat or drink, if so, just begin with water! Hold your glass in both hands, close your eyes and say/think the words 'Thank you' or whatever positive affirmation feels right for you.

Try practicing this every day, every time you drink and see if you notice any effects!

Come back next Wednesday for part 2 of my 4 part

'Recharging your energy'


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