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Mountainous Region

Initial Consultation

*Pre-requisit for all other sessions

  • First time bookings 

  • Exploring the benefits of alignment therapy ​

  • Understanding how my work can guide you in your healing


$150 incl GST

90 Minute

Optimal for:

  • Going deeper into the reasons you're stuck in a physical or emotional pattern

  •  Combining manual and energy therapies

  • Combining counselling with other therapies


$200 incl GST

30 Minutes

Optimal for:

  • Those needing healing with a smaller budget

  • Younger clients (Under 18s)

  • Dipping your toes in to trial another one of my services to see if it resonates with you


$90 incl GST

60 Minute


Optimal for:

  • Remedial Treatments 

  • Counselling  (online or in person)

  • Movement Practice and Musculoskeltal rehabilitation



$150 incl GST

120 Minute

Optimal for:

  • Allowing extended time and space to work with a range of modalities and honour yourself on the deepest level 

  • Healing from a recent crisis that has created phsyical and/or emotional trauma, before it has chance to root itself more permenently 

  • Gifting yourself or a loved one for a special day or event


$240 incl GST


Optimal for Savings

  • 6 x 60 Minute Sessions
    $780 ($120 saving)

  • 6 x 90 Minute Sessions
    $1020 ($180 saving) 

  • 6 x 120 Minute Sessions
    $1, 200 ($240 saving)

 all prices incl GST

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