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My background, journey and why I am here  

My name is Emma, I have worked as a highly skilled Remedial Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer for 5 years. I worked in clinical settings, honing my treatment methods, using a blend of manual therapies and corrective movement integration, guiding and educating my clients, giving them the power to creating a balanced, functionally strong, stable and mobile body.

I've worked along side physiotherapists and chiropractors, helping clients with a myriad of musculoskeltal problems. This yielded really great results for the people I've worked with who were consistent and dedicated to improving their situation!


But something really started to gnaw away at me...

I could no longer ignore one very important factor. Of the hundreds of people that I met each year, I saw so many stuck in negative thought patterns and belief systems that were leeching not only into their bodies, but multiple aspects of their life. Their views on themselves, 'the way life is' and 'how people are' were draining them. Having energy became hard and so the lack of it got blamed on the pain, the stressful job, family responsibilties or aging. For many, it stunted their ability to heal their physical issues. They were lost and either cosciously or uncosciously refusing to take accountability, disempowering themseleves for the potential of change over and over.

This held up a mirror to the past, present and potentially future me. I had been lost too. And after a profound spiritual awakening, I knew the next step in my service to others was to begin working with them on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

I now refer to myself as an Alignment Therapist. My work is to heal, guide and pass on my knoweldge on how to realign the energy body, physical body, soul path and ultimately connection to self and source. 

The world is waking up and I believe many are looking further and deeper for answers that so much of modern medicine has been trying and, sadly, failing to provide.

My Story

I was born and raised in England, UK. I was a sesnsitive and kind child who made friends easily and had big dreams for the future! As with many of us, the year I went into secondry school, that all came crashing down. I realized the world did not provide so much of the freedom to be myself I expected to have and felt pressured to change aspects of my looks and behaviour to fit in. I became much more introverted and spent more time observing how others behaved and interacted than actually doing any interacting myself. Over the years, I got depressed and angry. I blamed the world and hated humankind. My emotions were volatile and ruled my life and I spent much of my time suffering in silence, internalising the building sadness inside me and telling myself I was alone and broken. Our teen years are challenging to navigate, but this went far deeper than teenage angst. By age 11 I had already begun to diliberate life's big questions and by age 14 I wondered "Why am I here? Because if this is all there is, what's the point? ".


I was always told I was beyond my years, an old sooul. Although I had close friends my own age, I only felt I could relate to them on a surface level.  I spent a lot of time waiting around for life to get better or expecting it to become the responsibilty of another person to come along and fix me. The times I opened up about the gaping hole I felt in my chest, it was treated as the dramas of teenage hormones, which lead to me feeling even more misunderstood. The reason I tell you all of this, is that I spent 9 years in and out of a dark hole, yo-yo-ing between feeling like life was not worth living at my worst moments and that it was tolerable at my best moments. I have lived in the grips of depression and anxiety, I have been the most negative person in every room, I have obsessively longed for answers to all the 'Why's'  to explain how I could be getting life so wrong.

All the while, I had this deep sense I was here for something very important...

Those years were hard, painful and gruelling. And I am appreciative for every single moment of them. Those years were the building blocks for everything I am now. I wouldn't trade or wish not to go through, even one day. To tell you my whole story would require writing a book, so for now I will keep it to this-

In 2013 I came to Australia, having just turned 18. It was my attempt to grasp the faint light at the end of the tunnel. Alas, after 7 months I seemed as unhappy as ever, I was still looking for external factors to 'make me happy' and my mind very much stuck in victim mode. I wanted to give up and go back to England, but something stubborn niggled within me to stick it out. 
The spectrum of awful and beautiful events that came after are the reason I am now in love with life. I believe our whole life is a spiritual journey, but we tend to define the beginning as when we first become aware and open to spiritual concepts. For me, this was around the age of 20, though for the 6 years following it was very sporadic and held no consistency in focusing on spirtual practices. In 2022, this changed. I dove into learning and opening myself wholeheartedly to a myriad of new concepts. This lead to me crafting and solidifying my practices. I am happy, fulfilled and so very grateful for the life I have created. I am humbly still learning, but I work on choosing to live a life of abundance, joy, acceptance and peace daily.


On this wonderful journey of mine, I have found my deepest purpose is to help others on their path. With absolute knowing, faith and trust in this life's plan, I open my heart and spirit to all seeking guidance.

Mountainous Region
Mountainous Region


When you invest in yourself, the universe invests in to you too

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