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Are you tired of feeling at war with your body?
Or just tired altogether?

Often, issues in the tissues comes down to more than just what we are (or aren't) doing physically.

My name is Emma.

  Using a blend of remedial massage therapy and movement integration, I've helped hundreds of people improve their pain and restore optimal function to their movements. I've worked alongside chiropractors and physiotherapists, helping clients with a myriad of musculoskeltal problems. This clinical approach is effective to an extent. However, these physical problems are not just a product of our external environment.
They arise as a product of our internal environment.

Every event in our life is an opportunity for growth and learning, whether it is emotional (depression, anxiety, anger, addiction) mental (brain fog, low self esteem, overthinking) or physical (pain in the body, dis-ease, weakness) to name a few. Healing is such a beautiful broad spectrum, and I am here to share the forms of healing I know, so that you can take what you need to get you back on your path. 

Many of you will have asked yourself the question by now-
"There has to be more to life than this?"

It is often the first step on the journey to becoming the happiest and most resillient version of yourself
physically and  mentally 

Let me help you take that second, tenth or one hundredth step. 

How can Alignment Therapy help you?

All journeys begin with our initial consultation.

Following on, we can work together to create a treatment plan to best serve your needs

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Consists of using a range of release techniques both superficial and deep, in order to open restricted, overloaded and compressed areas. Our body is the barometer of the soul, the information given to us by our tissues can also provide deep insights into the metaphysical and provide clarity in the mental and emotional ties that may be holding us back from progress.


Consists of mobility, strength and stability work. Movement practice teaches you how to effectively activate your body and increase restricted range caused by lack of stability or weakness. Movement practice also teaches you how to incorperate more movement into your life.

Energy Healing

Energy Work

We will assess and work with your energy centers (or chakras) and identify which are over-active or under-active. Open and well balanced energy centers are vital for vitality. Everything on this Earth is made up of energy and our human bodies are a powerhouse. Our words, thoughts, actions and beliefs also carry this energy and our chakras will mirror them as will our body mirror our chakras.

Spiriutal Coaching and Combined sessions

A combination of working with your physical, mental and spiritual body. These sessions are free flowing and intuitive. We will work deeply to root out belief systems that are no longer serving you and create new neural pathways, allowing for new levels of counsciouness and growth. 
May include: 
NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)

Breath work 

Energy work
Crystal healing 

Natural Waterfall

Unsure which is the best option for you?

Call for a FREE 15 minute consultation


comes in more forms


pills and powders" 






For all questions and queries, please contact me via phone call or email and I will get back to you as soon as possible

phone: +61423956417

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